Two beers met face to face…. and the earth trembled with the sound of the ZULU DAWN!


We've extended the battleground. Taking inspiration from our classic porter, Zulu, we have conjured up a modern dark ale with all the intrigue of Zulu, but adopting a softened roast character and a stronger emphasis on modern hop flavouring. Zulu Dawn is brewed using caramel and roasted malts, but the latter is short mashed to restrain the roasted flavours to a level that balances perfectly with the flavours from our carefully chosen hops. The result is a beautifully balanced beer for all occasions.


American hops in pale ales are well known to hop lovers, but their bold citrus flavours take on a new light when combined with a darker malt. The citrus notes become milder and lead to a fruitier finish, while their resinous tones round out the bite of roasted malts. Zulu Dawn is a session beer that will sit well with a wide audience across the seasons, satisfying fans of both traditional dark and modern light ales. Zulu Dawn’s wide appeal also makes it a perfect accompaniment to many foods.  We've enjoyed it with hearty dishes in the colder weather, and more recently found it to be a great partner to al fresco dining.


The Sun Dawned...

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