We Love Local...

Of the local countryside is one of the main reasons why we try so hard for our beer.

Currently we are working very hard to find and use local produce to include in our beer. Like honey, hops and wheat or barley.

Within our shire we have a wealth of products available to  us and our hedgerows and fields can give us so much back in return.

Some of the flavours that we have created are born from country walks and asking what does that taste like can we use it?


Many Country pursuits have been lost or forgotten and many of our beers have been designed to rekindle these, like fly fishing in fresh water streams, cold November pheasant shoots, picnic hampers crammed full of goodies and woollen blankets laid to grass, cheating at conkers by trying to make yours the strongest, gathering the hay from our many fields, mini adventures into the countryside and so much more.  


With each beer we look to the community for unique names, that’s why all of our beers are named after points of local interest, pieces of history or village sayings.

In the past, many rural pubs provided opportunities for country folk to meet and exchange (often local) news, and gossip. This is somthing we believe in and feel that a good beer should also have local qualities, and if not made in the shire made from the shire.

We support local good causes. At LCB we believe that community really matters and to show our support we love to get involed. Each month  we try to support local good causes, for example by contributing to a new patio for our local social club or helping out at a local fete.

If you know of a good cause or would like us to get involved with your community project then just complete the contact page with some detail about how we can help.


Community Matters...

Our Love...