Green fingers...

At the LCB the countryside is our inspiration, We draw from it and rely on it to produce the finest ingredients for our beer, because of this we have introduced our green pledge.


We will only use from nature what we intend to use, we will never waste perfectly healthy ingredients, We shall never abuse our best ingredient (water) and allow copious amounts to flow down the drain, we will never dispose of harmful chemicals and harsh cleaning solutions into the environment, Our water will be balanced and returned to the natural water courses.

Our delivery Vehicles will never deliver during rush hours, reducing time spent sitting in traffic and polluting the towns and villages. We will offer discounts to customers who collect their orders, and offer support for pubs who order within 4 miles of the brewery.

At the brewery we shall use recycled, green alternative products and energy saving devices. You could say even our unit is recycled as it used to be a pig or dairy farm building.

We also offer paperless billing and electronic ordering.

Where possible we will always recycle our packaging and waste and we ask you to do the same.

All of our bi product is either sold on to off set energy usage or recycled. Our used grains, waste beer and spent yeast is sold to the farm industry and our used hops are used as compost litter and can be collected from the brewery in large bags..makes great mulch.

We also use a low voltage system ensuring that we never draw more than 80amps.

We use a heat exchanger to generate hot water by exchanginng the heat off boiling beer in to cold water, thus turning it into hot water without extra energy.

We ask all of our customers to recycle the bottles they buy from us and any packaging they may have. Our waste cider pouches get melted down and turned into picnic tables for pubs.

With our online orders, all of our packaging is recyclable and in all cases, it is made from recycled materials.

With time we hope to off set our carbon footprint further.

Unlike the big boys we are proud to say that our beer is 'Hand Made' that is to say that we use no automated production lines, just good old hardwork. Look for our handprint 'Hand Made' logo on our products.

As of 2019 all our beer is unfined and suitable for Vegans (unless stated otherwise).





Green fingers...